17 Apr

What precious stones bring you luck in life, according to the zodiac

Semi-precious and precious stones have their own energy that folds differently on each person, depending on the sign. Here are the stones that bring good luck to every zodiac sign!

Carnelian, a bleached stone, but in a lighter shade, brings harmony to the ram and protects against negative energies. Being a stone evolved into a healing mineral, carnage revitalizes the mind and body, giving the ram the emotional energy it needs, especially when faced with public challenges. It is a “warming” stone, being effective in the process of meditation and introspection. The healing capabilities of carneol are proven in the fight against kidney, bladder, asthma, and menstrual pain. It also facilitates the communication capabilities of the ram, which gains more confidence in its own strengths and more power of persuasion, especially if it is in front of a larger group of people to influence its actions in a certain way.

Taurus: Pink quartz
Pink quartz is the stone of pure love, being a richness of nature that promotes communication and harmony, the energy of the pink quartz being propelled when it is carried by a native of the bull zodiac. This stone helps to reduce stress and alleviate the feeling of fear. At the same time, the pink quartz helps the bull for which calming properties of temperamental outflows to which the native of this zodiac is susceptible. Pink quartz stimulates creativity and increases intellectual capacity, but also offers calmness, which is why it is only good to wear by the bull that goes through more difficult emotional periods.

Gemini: Agatha
Agate is a semiprecious stone with a role of rooting. It creates the stability of the twins and “lands” them, helping them to find their inner balance, though they are powerful duals. Agate is a stone with healing capabilities, also possessing properties to rid the negative energies for which, in their nature, the twins manage to attract them. Agath stimulates the analytical ability of the geaman and helps create a balance between his emotional, intellectual, spiritual, and physical self.

Legend has it that the idea of ​​a stone corresponding to the birthday appeared in the ancient history of the Jews at the time of the exodus. “The Exodus Vechi” is the book that explains the whole concept of the Aaron’s Breast or the High Priest’s Plateau. This was a special item for religious ceremonies and represented the 12 Israeli tribes, corresponding to the 12 zodiac signs and the 12 months of the year. These stones are also described in the Bible: (Exodus 28, 15-30)…… In it shall be a strand of stones, four rows of stones, one in the first: a Sardonix, a Topaz, and an Emerald, Second: a Rubin, a Safir, and a Diamond, thirdly: an Opal, a Agate and an Amethyst, and fourth: a Crisolite, an Onix and a Jasp … “.
Because the ancient peoples categorized the precious and semiprecious stones differently, presumably predominantly by color and physical properties, less to the type of mineral and its composition as we do today, there is some debate about which stones were mounted on this chest and why they were used. But no matter which culture has developed the various types of crystal classifications, there were undoubtedly solid arguments at the time for choosing the best birthstones by zodiac, ascendant, or birthday.
As a personal conviction, in light of the latest discoveries of quantum physics and their implications for perception of reality, I consider that any stone has its native energy that can be consciously used by the user for the purpose that he can define.
If the following classification helps reinforce your belief that one or more stones can bring you benefits on any plan, it is all the better. Remember, these are all indicative guidelines. Most of the time, it is good to listen to your instinct and choose the rock that attracts you, which calls you with the energy it transmits!

When we think to birthstones for Aries, we have to look at the main precious stones attributed to this zodiac. The jewelery of precious stones is as intriguing as it is, with an equally interesting and controversial history. The precious and semiprecious stones associated with zodiac signs also bear the names of astral gems.

Since ancient times it has been thought that some precious stones have magical powers, and ancient astrologers have not hesitated to associate these magical rocks with zodiac signs. The precious stones that correspond to the zodiacs have a great infleunta on those who wear them, the good condition being that the person to wear the precious stones corresponding to the zodiac sign under which they are.

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