28 Feb

Virgo man compatibility with other signs

Man Woman – Woman Aries
The parts are at the opposite end of each other. But if the union is essentially work-based, then it can be very valuable.

Man Taurus – Woman Taurus
Relationship of affinities between two feminine and terrestrial signs. But the parties must constantly demonstrate mutual understanding and tolerance.

Man Virgo – Female Gemini
A rather difficult combination. But union is viable if it is based more on cerebrality than on sentimentality and sensuality.

Male Virgo – Female Cancer
The couple’s understanding is easy to achieve, although it is rarely perfect. A note of fancy from time to time would prove indispensable.

Man Woman – Female Lion
This couple can last forever if the woman submits to the man, which is unlikely. In all cases, the intellectual relationship will be serene and good.

Man Virgo – Female Virgo
This combination is obviously lacking in fantasy, spontaneity and freshness. Partners will have to get out of their lives in isolation.

Male Virgo – Woman Libra
There is an exquisite complementarity at the beginning of this union. But over time, this complementarity can crumble because of mutual irritation.

Male Virgo – Female Scorpio
Complementary report of two feminine signs. They often agree to criticize others and, full of sufficiency, play to be wise and lucid.

Man Virgo – Woman Sagittarius
A half-fig-half-grape union. If dialogue is established, if tolerance is in order, problems can be solved, and success is quite possible.

Male Virgo – Female Capricorn
Undeniable affinities. But, over the years, partners may lock themselves in silence. There is a reciprocal intellectual esteem.

Man Virgo – Woman Aquarius
It’s too risky ! This man, anxious, timid, will not manage to come to terms with such a fanciful woman, independent and bohemian.

Man Virgo – Woman Pisces
At first, everything can be wonderful. But over the years, partners will become strangers to one another; Or they each have a secret life.

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