22 Feb

ultimate guide for understanding to Aquarius man

Unlike its female counterpart, the Aquarius man is relatively large, with long, strong muscular legs. He constantly endeavors to raise himself with all his stature as if he resisted an invisible force that sought to compress or crush him. It is also distinguished by its hirsutism – abundant hair, thick eyebrows, carpet hair on the chest and shoulder blades. The thoracic cage is well developed. The ensemble exudes an air of virility and animality. It does not fail to attract admiring glances from those women who really feel “females”, especially when walking in swimsuit on a beach.

The Aquarius man is one of the most talkative of all the signs of the zodiac. His tongue undergoes a constant impulse. But he does not tell stories to amuse like Gemini or to get noticed like the Scorpion. If he speaks, it is because he can not resist the urge to explain to his interlocutors all that he believes he knows and that others, he says, are unaware of.

Lao-Tzu said: “Those who know do not speak, those who speak do not know.” This thought, full of wisdom, should give Aquarius cause for reflection. People are certainly not as stupid as he thinks, and he is certainly not as intelligent as he thinks. By dint of speaking, he risks making mistakes, even that of irritating others and alienating their sympathy. “Silence is more profitable than the abundance of words,” says an Egyptian proverb dating from the fourth millennium BC. J.-C.

We will also advise the native to learn to listen. “Nature has given us two ears and only one language in order to be able to listen more and speak less,” remarked Zeno of Elea. Knowing how to listen is an art, and a profitable art in several ways. The best compliment you can give a person is to listen carefully. And you can learn a lot by keeping your ears erect.

Love adventures occupy a large place in the life of the Aquarius man. In middle age, he is more vulnerable to the midday demon than others and is thus more exposed to sometimes very serious complications. Of course, he will try to make his escapades in sweet, but “there is no secret that time does not reveal” (Racine).

One could reproach the Aquarius man for seeking the quantity rather than the quality of his amorous relationships. This reproach is not always justified. The native is neither a sexual obsession nor a debaucher. It certainly does not have a strong preference for a well-defined type of women – it also loves blondes and browns, small and big, beautiful and less beautiful – but is not content with anything. It is not difficult, but has its own standards.

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The masculine Aquarius is among the least misogynist men. In his eyes, woman is simply different from man in certain aspects and is called by nature to perform certain different functions, but both sexes are equivalent. He sometimes militates in favor of feminists. It must be said that his struggle is not always disinterested. He prefers women “liberated” to women climbing vines – for the former are less interested in “putting the grapple on” and generally leave an acceptable margin of freedom.

There are few challenges that the masculine Aquarius is tempted to take up. He likes difficulty, especially when it comes from people. He also has the gift of breaking the ice, knocking down the defense system of the most suspicious people and ensuring the cooperation of others.

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