19 Feb

taurus man – read all about it

A powerful bone, voluminous muscles, giant hands, feet extraordinarily pointed outward … these are the few signs that unquestionably reveal a Taurus man. It moves and moves slowly, an almost studied slowness which would exasperate the pressed or nervous people. His grave and hoarse voice is one of his charms.

Taurus has a strong sexual appetite on which age has little effect. Of course, it is not very strong in preliminaries, nor in epilogue, considering the erotic games as flourishes. But when it comes to the essentials, it has nothing to envy to other men; It can be measured against the most demanding women.

Still, running the petticoats would be the last of her concerns, if ever it was. The married Bull generally shows an exemplary fidelity, and the bachelor is wise as a monk.

Since his work is his raison d’etre, Taurus man often tends to give himself entirely by neglecting his other obligations. He believes himself a good husband and a good father because he conscientiously provides for the material needs of his wife and children. He forgets that his home also needs his presence, his caresses, his participation in multiple everyday activities. He will be advised to detach himself from time to time from his professional preoccupations to talk with his wife about the new surge in food prices, the scarcity of potatoes or sugar, in the fashion of next spring; To discuss with his son about the French football championship; Or to congratulate her daughter on her success at the regional poetry contest. He will say that all this is artificial and even ridiculous, persuaded that true feelings are mute. But it is there that he is mistaken, for human feelings must be exteriorized in order to be able to touch those who are the object of them. Is the Taurus man full of solicitude and tenderness for his family? No one will realize it until it translates it into concrete actions. Shakespeare said, with great perspicacity: “Those do not like that do not show their love.”

It is important that every woman married to a Taurus should be aware of her husband’s natural reticence and even her natural modesty. This one, I assure you, is always full of good intentions. But you certainly will not be attentive enough. Sulking, crying, recriminating will not serve much, for he hates sentimental blackmail. Accept it as it is and seek your consolation in activities that please you. It will improve with age, that is certain, and perhaps also after reading my advice in this article …

The male Bull has an interest in reading a lot and traveling frequently. These are the best ways for him to get out of the closed universe where he tends to shut himself up. He must constantly distrust the moral fouling.

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