16 Oct

Yearly astro predictions 2018 for taurus

For taurus , this year is one to harvest in the grounds of the heart. The good news is that in most of the plots of your life everything is in order, especially in the lands that matter: the couple and the family. However, the stars do not like immobility, and you will be tested in some aspects, especially those that have to do with your professional life. You must also observe an essential rule: Do not give everything. It does not matter in the name of what. Learn to save a little for yourself.

Taurus and health.
In this coming year2018 , Taurus, it is necessary that you attend to the outstanding debts that you have with your health. Or else these little annoyances will increase and become something that could cause you considerable damage. First of all you must attack the symptoms of the fatigue that has gripped you for years. The fact that you did not want to see her does not mean she’s not there, lurking.
You have to start giving yourself more time to do things, not to extenuate yourself seeking to meet deadlines and unreal goals. You have to reserve time for yourself, to rest and regain strength. Otherwise that tiredness will take the best of you. Please visit horoscope2018.guru if you want to read the yearly astro forecast 2018 for each zodiac sign.

Taurus and love.
This is a period in which you must rethink your love relationships. You have a problem that is often repeated as a couple, and now dominates the way you love and believe that they love you: you always let the other decide for you. It is time that you take your destiny in your hands, and that you take responsibility for what you live. It is time for you to stop believing that your opinions are not worth the same as the opinions of others.
This 2018 is necessary for you to look in the mirror, and marvel at what you see. It’s time to love you more than you love others. Only in this way can you enjoy what love can offer you. There is no future for you in a relationship where you just let yourself go. You have to take the reins, and decide that it’s worth more for you. You can not leave the destiny of your heart in the hands of your partner.

Taurus and family.
Things in the house are going to be very good in 2018. There will be no cause for misery or absences, but you will need to consider putting order in a fundamental aspect. This year you are asked to take the right place in your home. A place that you deserve for how much you work, for how much you care. It is necessary that within your home you are seen with the respect that you deserve, because you will have to make decisions that will force those who are with you to follow your mandate.

Taurus, how your animal pattern is a bull in all aspects of your life. These beings are faithful by nature and always keep their body so that another person with the same intentions of seriousness can enjoy it completely, without fears and without needing to be thinking that there is something wrong with that person.

The conquest. To conquer a Taurus in love, one must think very well about what one is going to say, the conquest although not difficult, requires a certain tact and ability to say just what he wants to hear and not lose the opportunity to have a moment of love with a faithful companion taurus or a good time in bed with a whole bull spirited and wild.

Taurus in terms of love and behavior in intimate relationships can be a bit dual, but it always remains firm in its position of security and strength, being one of the signs that generate more confidence towards themselves, forcing their partners to being in a similar level of status quo, that is, people who go out with a Taurus, have to have a point of confidence in themselves similar to that of the bulls, otherwise they will be sadly overshadowed by the imposing figure of these beings of the second zodiacal house.

Taurus are very temperamental people and do not like the changes of surprise plans, so be careful when setting up a ride or trip, because to leave something wrong you can unleash the wonderful genius locked up that these people have and see you involved in a fight that before a Taurus, you can never win.

Look for quiet spaces and try to create plans away from home from time to time, as they enjoy going out and socializing a little, to feel committed but not tied, whether the relationship is formal or marriage.

How they behave. Taurus are very strong people, with somewhat static personalities and little fluctuating, usually very loving, but also extremely jealous and overprotective, so a time of intense love with a Taurus may represent an invisible attachment to an animal wild ready to trample anyone who is for your attention and attraction.

They are very good lovers, spirited and intense, who always seek to show their ability to please, both men and women, and will not stop until both are satisfied to get their chest and be able to walk with their heads up, knowing that their couple was completely satisfied in bed and that, in turn, managed to get all the pleasure and attention that required as a great big animal.

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