20 Feb

Sagittarius man personality

The masculine Sagittarius is generally a handsome man, thin, tall and muscular, who approaches much more closely to Apollo from the Belvedere than from Hercules. The hair is abundant, the forehead high, eyes always wide open and reflecting a glimmer of malice. The deep and vibrant voice gives the native an irresistible charm. He always stands very straight as if he wanted to make the most of his size; He prefers besides to be standing only seated. When walking, he stretches his legs well and bends his chest, ready to face winds and tides.

The Sagittarius man is fond of dreams of grandeur. He wants to be everywhere the first, the greatest, the most famous. He needs to be applauded, respected, venerated. One can easily manipulate it if one flatters one’s self-esteem. He would fit in well with what Pascal said: “The sweetness of glory is so great, that to something attached to it, even to death, one loves it.”

In love, as in household, male Sagittarius always wants to control, to impose his tastes, his habits, his rhythm. The woman who loves her must be able to efface herself if she does not want their common life to be a perpetual struggle. If it is necessary to make concessions, it will certainly not be he who will do them, unless the woman has the skill to carry him to the clouds, to confirm his feeling of superiority, and finally to treat him as a half god. Such a woman is certainly not a Sagittarius woman whose self-esteem is just as great as that of her brother’s sign.

Having the cult of wealth and power, the Sagittarius man is constantly obsessed with success. Far from him the idea that “neither gold nor greatness make us happy” (La Fontaine). He wants success at all costs. His unbridled race predisposes him to nervous breakdown and cardiovascular diseases, and drags him towards dryness of heart. Here is Jesus’ warning to him: “What is it for a man to gain the whole world if he loses his soul?”

One never sees this Sagittarius untidy. Persuaded that physical appearance is an important asset of success, it is always impeccable from head to toe. He dresses with research but also with taste. If he tries to feed himself in a deplorable way, he does not hesitate to reserve large sums to decorate and decorate his house: he likes to impress his visitors.

One is often annoyed by his attitude of superiority, his air of sufficiency and the peremptory tone of his remarks. But this haughty Sagittarius is also capable of frankness and devotion provided that one appeals to his pride.

It would be excessive to say that the Sagittarius man is misogynist. Yet it must be recognized that he has little interest in women. He hardly ever suffers from the evil of love. This lover is excellent in bed but has no reputation elsewhere. He always makes women understand that he loves, explicitly or implicitly, that he lowers himself towards them and that his love is a favor that he grants them. Any self-respecting woman can not of course accept such a situation. Yet the women who cling to this Sagittarius are legion. It is perhaps this strange phenomenon that made Erasmus say: “Women run after madmen, they flee from the wise as poisonous animals.” It is also perhaps because “the one who succeeds with the women is the one who knows how to do without” (Ambrose Bierce).

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