25 Feb

Pisces man in bed

Whether small or strong, thin or round, the Pisces masculine always has something feminine in its appearance and looks. One can not fail to notice his eyes languorous and wet, always wide open. Her features are marvelously fine. The mouth is well drawn, decorated with small regular teeth and a brilliant whiteness. His gestures are graceful and show a certain restraint, even a certain modesty.

The Pisces man is a master in feminine psychology for the simple reason that he is largely feminine himself. Woman is not for her, as for other men, an unfathomable mystery, a Chinese puzzle or an elusive eel. “This one understands women who do not seek to understand them” (Van Minh). It is in this way that the Pisces man penetrates the female soul, feels its reactions, perceives its desires and aspirations. To understand the other sex, he appeals to his heart and intuition, not to his intelligence and reasoning.

The native is very pleasing to women, even to those who are much older than he. Her power of seduction is due not only to her natural charm, her kindness and sexual performance, but also and especially to her remarkable knowledge of the fair sex. He knows, or rather he feels, that “it is in the nature of women to despise who loves them and to love who disdains them” (Cervantes), and that “woman is a shadow: if you pursue her, she If you flee from it, it follows you “(Zoheir). From there, he can build highly effective stratagems to take female hearts to his trap. He knows how to make good use of the Scottish shower. If necessary, he may also be arrogant, authoritative and even brutal. But its rides are always judiciously dosed and often bear the expected fruits.

The Pisces man takes nothing as amorous conquests. He prefers quantity to quality, in the manner of Casanova. But that does not mean that he is a crude lover. If he marries, it is often by accident rather than deliberate choice, for he is an enthusiastic and indefatigable woman who loves at all costs to keep his freedom of action. But, unlike the woman Pisces, once married, it is generally a faithful husband and a good father of family: the marriage has the power to make him undergo a complete metamorphosis.

It is in the interest not to entrust Pisces with posts in which the will and the spirit of decision must be appealed. This man does not seek to realize what is expected of him. Capricious, he made only his head; Indolent, he loves to take care of him and solve problems in his place.

This Pisces is advised to struggle throughout his life against his feeling of incapacity and to learn independence. He must say that he is as well equipped as anyone to make his way in life, to carve a good place in the sun. If he wants to be happy, he must forge his own destiny and direct his own life instead of relying on others and playing the climbing vine.

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