25 Feb

Pisces man in bed

Whether small or strong, thin or round, the Pisces masculine always has something feminine in its appearance and looks. One can not fail to notice his eyes languorous and wet, always wide open. Her features are marvelously fine. The mouth is well drawn, decorated with small regular teeth and a brilliant whiteness. His gestures are graceful and show a certain restraint, even a certain modesty.

The Pisces man is a master in feminine psychology for the simple reason that he is largely feminine himself. Woman is not for her, as for other men, an unfathomable mystery, a Chinese puzzle or an elusive eel. “This one understands women who do not seek to understand them” (Van Minh). It is in this way that the Pisces man penetrates the female soul, feels its reactions, perceives its desires and aspirations. To understand the other sex, he appeals to his heart and intuition, not to his intelligence and reasoning.

The native is very pleasing to women, even to those who are much older than he. Her power of seduction is due not only to her natural charm, her kindness and sexual performance, but also and especially to her remarkable knowledge of the fair sex. He knows, or rather he feels, that “it is in the nature of women to despise who loves them and to love who disdains them” (Cervantes), and that “woman is a shadow: if you pursue her, she If you flee from it, it follows you “(Zoheir). From there, he can build highly effective stratagems to take female hearts to his trap. He knows how to make good use of the Scottish shower. If necessary, he may also be arrogant, authoritative and even brutal. But its rides are always judiciously dosed and often bear the expected fruits.

The Pisces man takes nothing as amorous conquests. He prefers quantity to quality, in the manner of Casanova. But that does not mean that he is a crude lover. If he marries, it is often by accident rather than deliberate choice, for he is an enthusiastic and indefatigable woman who loves at all costs to keep his freedom of action. But, unlike the woman Pisces, once married, it is generally a faithful husband and a good father of family: the marriage has the power to make him undergo a complete metamorphosis.

It is in the interest not to entrust Pisces with posts in which the will and the spirit of decision must be appealed. This man does not seek to realize what is expected of him. Capricious, he made only his head; Indolent, he loves to take care of him and solve problems in his place.

This Pisces is advised to struggle throughout his life against his feeling of incapacity and to learn independence. He must say that he is as well equipped as anyone to make his way in life, to carve a good place in the sun. If he wants to be happy, he must forge his own destiny and direct his own life instead of relying on others and playing the climbing vine.

22 Feb

ultimate guide for understanding to Aquarius man

Unlike its female counterpart, the Aquarius man is relatively large, with long, strong muscular legs. He constantly endeavors to raise himself with all his stature as if he resisted an invisible force that sought to compress or crush him. It is also distinguished by its hirsutism – abundant hair, thick eyebrows, carpet hair on the chest and shoulder blades. The thoracic cage is well developed. The ensemble exudes an air of virility and animality. It does not fail to attract admiring glances from those women who really feel “females”, especially when walking in swimsuit on a beach.

The Aquarius man is one of the most talkative of all the signs of the zodiac. His tongue undergoes a constant impulse. But he does not tell stories to amuse like Gemini or to get noticed like the Scorpion. If he speaks, it is because he can not resist the urge to explain to his interlocutors all that he believes he knows and that others, he says, are unaware of.

Lao-Tzu said: “Those who know do not speak, those who speak do not know.” This thought, full of wisdom, should give Aquarius cause for reflection. People are certainly not as stupid as he thinks, and he is certainly not as intelligent as he thinks. By dint of speaking, he risks making mistakes, even that of irritating others and alienating their sympathy. “Silence is more profitable than the abundance of words,” says an Egyptian proverb dating from the fourth millennium BC. J.-C.

We will also advise the native to learn to listen. “Nature has given us two ears and only one language in order to be able to listen more and speak less,” remarked Zeno of Elea. Knowing how to listen is an art, and a profitable art in several ways. The best compliment you can give a person is to listen carefully. And you can learn a lot by keeping your ears erect.

Love adventures occupy a large place in the life of the Aquarius man. In middle age, he is more vulnerable to the midday demon than others and is thus more exposed to sometimes very serious complications. Of course, he will try to make his escapades in sweet, but “there is no secret that time does not reveal” (Racine).

One could reproach the Aquarius man for seeking the quantity rather than the quality of his amorous relationships. This reproach is not always justified. The native is neither a sexual obsession nor a debaucher. It certainly does not have a strong preference for a well-defined type of women – it also loves blondes and browns, small and big, beautiful and less beautiful – but is not content with anything. It is not difficult, but has its own standards.

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The masculine Aquarius is among the least misogynist men. In his eyes, woman is simply different from man in certain aspects and is called by nature to perform certain different functions, but both sexes are equivalent. He sometimes militates in favor of feminists. It must be said that his struggle is not always disinterested. He prefers women “liberated” to women climbing vines – for the former are less interested in “putting the grapple on” and generally leave an acceptable margin of freedom.

There are few challenges that the masculine Aquarius is tempted to take up. He likes difficulty, especially when it comes from people. He also has the gift of breaking the ice, knocking down the defense system of the most suspicious people and ensuring the cooperation of others.

20 Feb

Sagittarius man personality

The masculine Sagittarius is generally a handsome man, thin, tall and muscular, who approaches much more closely to Apollo from the Belvedere than from Hercules. The hair is abundant, the forehead high, eyes always wide open and reflecting a glimmer of malice. The deep and vibrant voice gives the native an irresistible charm. He always stands very straight as if he wanted to make the most of his size; He prefers besides to be standing only seated. When walking, he stretches his legs well and bends his chest, ready to face winds and tides.

The Sagittarius man is fond of dreams of grandeur. He wants to be everywhere the first, the greatest, the most famous. He needs to be applauded, respected, venerated. One can easily manipulate it if one flatters one’s self-esteem. He would fit in well with what Pascal said: “The sweetness of glory is so great, that to something attached to it, even to death, one loves it.”

In love, as in household, male Sagittarius always wants to control, to impose his tastes, his habits, his rhythm. The woman who loves her must be able to efface herself if she does not want their common life to be a perpetual struggle. If it is necessary to make concessions, it will certainly not be he who will do them, unless the woman has the skill to carry him to the clouds, to confirm his feeling of superiority, and finally to treat him as a half god. Such a woman is certainly not a Sagittarius woman whose self-esteem is just as great as that of her brother’s sign.

Having the cult of wealth and power, the Sagittarius man is constantly obsessed with success. Far from him the idea that “neither gold nor greatness make us happy” (La Fontaine). He wants success at all costs. His unbridled race predisposes him to nervous breakdown and cardiovascular diseases, and drags him towards dryness of heart. Here is Jesus’ warning to him: “What is it for a man to gain the whole world if he loses his soul?”

One never sees this Sagittarius untidy. Persuaded that physical appearance is an important asset of success, it is always impeccable from head to toe. He dresses with research but also with taste. If he tries to feed himself in a deplorable way, he does not hesitate to reserve large sums to decorate and decorate his house: he likes to impress his visitors.

One is often annoyed by his attitude of superiority, his air of sufficiency and the peremptory tone of his remarks. But this haughty Sagittarius is also capable of frankness and devotion provided that one appeals to his pride.

It would be excessive to say that the Sagittarius man is misogynist. Yet it must be recognized that he has little interest in women. He hardly ever suffers from the evil of love. This lover is excellent in bed but has no reputation elsewhere. He always makes women understand that he loves, explicitly or implicitly, that he lowers himself towards them and that his love is a favor that he grants them. Any self-respecting woman can not of course accept such a situation. Yet the women who cling to this Sagittarius are legion. It is perhaps this strange phenomenon that made Erasmus say: “Women run after madmen, they flee from the wise as poisonous animals.” It is also perhaps because “the one who succeeds with the women is the one who knows how to do without” (Ambrose Bierce).

19 Feb

Man Taurus compatibility

Male Taurus – Woman Aries
Supplementary report, each party offering the other what it lacks. The Bull keeps his feet on the ground when Aries juggles with the risks.

Male Taurus – Woman Taurus
The partners are able to achieve perfect harmony. But, having little imagination, they will one day feel a certain lack of stimulation.

Male Taurus – Female Gemini
In love, dialogue is quite difficult because of the great difference in temperament. In the work, the parts are fortunately complementary.

Male Taurus – Female Cancer
Excellent combination of sensuality and freshness. The partners share common tastes for the family, the children, the comfort of the home.

Male Taurus – Woman Lion
A combination that involves real risks but also real chances. The couple can perfectly prosper. Happiness, if it exists, will be lasting.

Male Taurus – Woman Virgo
Good affinity relationship initially. But risks of frustration and boredom if the parties do not show mutual understanding and tolerance.

Male Taurus – Woman Libra
There are many risks of misunderstandings between these artists. But happiness for two is perfectly within their reach and depends solely on their goodwill.

Male Taurus – Woman Scorpio
This is the classic attraction of opposing characters. The relationship will be based on sensuality and sexuality, but will suffer from some dissatisfaction.

Male Taurus – Woman Sagittarius
There are more differences than similarities. Goodwill will be in great demand. There can be no question of absolute failure or absolute success.

Male Taurus – Female Capricorn
Much commonality and little divergence. Perfect affinities in long-term companies. An ideal union especially for the mature age.

Man Taurus – Woman Aquarius
Difficult but complementary relationships. But if they are wise enough, the partners can bring to each other a lot of friendship and complicity.

Male Taurus – Woman Pisces
Combination marked by a deep complementarity. A strong and lasting bond underlies this union, which will always retain an air of exquisite freshness.

19 Feb

All information about Gemini man

The Gemini man seems much more intellectual than manual although he is perfectly capable of exercising any profession. The waist is slim to an advanced age, unless the native has yielded immoderately to his natural greediness. The gait is supple, the back slightly arched, the hip narrow as that of the Spanish dancers. The masculine Gemini shows a predisposition to precocious baldness.

In terms of clothing, the Gemini man is rather conservative. He prefers the colors a little dark. The cut of his clothes is always impeccable, because it is very demanding in this respect.

Terribly effective in business, the Gemini native is worried about his emotional life. The door of the heart of others is often closed to him. He believes he is easily the victim of a plot or the malice of destiny, whereas it is precisely his affairism that is responsible for his isolation.

The man Gemini is an excellent lover in that it puts of the feeling and the imagination in his amorous antics. The preliminaries and the epilogue of his sexual intercourse are as important to him as the act itself. He accomplishes each phase by vibrating with all his fibers, like a great artist who passionately plays every movement of a symphony. Since he gives himself entirely to the act, the richness and variety of his amorous manifestations are inexhaustible. Happy women who have it as partner, because they will not know the routine!

The man Gemini has no exceptional reputation for marital fidelity. He may succumb to temptation as easily as the native of another sign. He is particularly vulnerable to the noon demon, given the more than probable sentimental disappointments in his youth and pecuniary ease at his mature age. Yet it is not a Casanova who was satisfied with anything; It is the quality and not the quantity that it seeks. Get your free yearly Gemini love horoscope 2018 and find out what the planets have to predict regarding your love.

The native can never go far in the way of adultery through his innate desire for security. For nothing in the world he does not want to risk a divorce. An extramarital affair is acceptable only if she does not threaten her home. He will never have the courage to think of making a new life with another woman, whatever qualities she may have. Madame, if ever you are the mistress of a married Gemini, show the utmost discretion, otherwise you will lose it: he would take his legs around his neck as soon as he saw any complication.

Any woman married to a Gemini has more than one reason to be happy. She is pampered and revered, not only because the husband instinctively delights, but also because he appreciates it as … a lifebuoy; He had, in fact, so much trouble finding a woman who accepted to share his life and allow him to be “like the others”. She will live comfortably, her husband making it a point of honor to largely provide for all her needs and even some of her whims. He certainly has the means to offer him dresses, fur coats, jewelry, social outings and travels. And in addition, the risk of adultery is not excessive.

19 Feb

taurus man – read all about it

A powerful bone, voluminous muscles, giant hands, feet extraordinarily pointed outward … these are the few signs that unquestionably reveal a Taurus man. It moves and moves slowly, an almost studied slowness which would exasperate the pressed or nervous people. His grave and hoarse voice is one of his charms.

Taurus has a strong sexual appetite on which age has little effect. Of course, it is not very strong in preliminaries, nor in epilogue, considering the erotic games as flourishes. But when it comes to the essentials, it has nothing to envy to other men; It can be measured against the most demanding women.

Still, running the petticoats would be the last of her concerns, if ever it was. The married Bull generally shows an exemplary fidelity, and the bachelor is wise as a monk.

Since his work is his raison d’etre, Taurus man often tends to give himself entirely by neglecting his other obligations. He believes himself a good husband and a good father because he conscientiously provides for the material needs of his wife and children. He forgets that his home also needs his presence, his caresses, his participation in multiple everyday activities. He will be advised to detach himself from time to time from his professional preoccupations to talk with his wife about the new surge in food prices, the scarcity of potatoes or sugar, in the fashion of next spring; To discuss with his son about the French football championship; Or to congratulate her daughter on her success at the regional poetry contest. He will say that all this is artificial and even ridiculous, persuaded that true feelings are mute. But it is there that he is mistaken, for human feelings must be exteriorized in order to be able to touch those who are the object of them. Is the Taurus man full of solicitude and tenderness for his family? No one will realize it until it translates it into concrete actions. Shakespeare said, with great perspicacity: “Those do not like that do not show their love.”

It is important that every woman married to a Taurus should be aware of her husband’s natural reticence and even her natural modesty. This one, I assure you, is always full of good intentions. But you certainly will not be attentive enough. Sulking, crying, recriminating will not serve much, for he hates sentimental blackmail. Accept it as it is and seek your consolation in activities that please you. It will improve with age, that is certain, and perhaps also after reading my advice in this article …

The male Bull has an interest in reading a lot and traveling frequently. These are the best ways for him to get out of the closed universe where he tends to shut himself up. He must constantly distrust the moral fouling.

19 Feb

aries man in love

Apollo of the Belvedere would represent the Aries to the masculine. Head high, body slender, hips narrow, legs long and thin … everything shows an extraordinary vitality. It looks like the Aries man is always ready to jump. When he walks, he stretches his step, and one can not help admiring his presence. His gestures, slow and precise, denote a boundless will and assurance. Its hair and hair system are abundant – one more element that adds to its irresistible magnetism. Wherever he goes and especially on the beach, the native attracts admiring feminine looks and arouses envy among men.

The ideal of chivalry would respond well to the character of the Aries man. He is a being full of courage and generosity and devoured by an imperious need to act. Like the knight of the Middle Ages, he often dreams of situations where he must fight the bad guys and protect the weak. It is therefore not surprising to see him participate in all the movements of protest or struggle, ranging from trade union demands to ecological campaigns to demonstrations condemning human rights violations in various countries.

Aries man does not like ease; It is the difficulty that fascinates him and gives him wings. One knows well the word of De Gaulle: “The difficulty attracts the man of character …” This tendency of Aries manifests itself from its youngest age. If he is to climb to the top of a mountain, he will choose the steepest slope to reach it. In love or in marriage, nothing is more displeasing to her than a too docile woman, a woman who never gives him any trouble.

The male Aries is an excellent lover. He is able to fulfill the desires of the most sensual woman. But she can not count on him to “purr”. As Byron put it, “the love of a man occupies only a part of his life”; In Aries man, this part is singularly reduced. Love interests him only to the extent that he still has to conquer. As soon as things become easy, the native gets tired of it; That is why it is said that it is really not made for marriage. Women in love with an Aries would be well advised never to give him the impression that their conquest is over. Make him understand, at any stage of the amorous or conjugal relationship, that nothing is yet definitively acquired. It is allergic to the state of accomplishment and routine.

It is of course difficult to follow these tips. The women who do this are not numerous. Ladies, if your husband Aries begins to run after other women, ask yourself first if you are not for something.

The moral sense in the native is rather doubtful. It seems that he does not trouble himself with scruples. All that gives him the opportunity to act gives him at the same time a sufficient moral justification.