What did Nostradamus predict for 2018 ?

The most famous day of the day is Nostradamus, author of the famous book “The Prophecy”

Nostradamus wrote his prophecies in a poetic style, in “quartine” that change in meaning according to different interpretations. Some of his predictions are vague and unobtrusive.

Michel de Nostredame or Nostradamus as it is commonly called, was born in France in 1503.

He was a kind of pharmacist and healer, and around 1550 he developed an interest in occult sciences starting to write almanacs that made him famous. He then began to summarize his prophecies in French poetry quartine.

He wrote about a thousand of these quartine collecting them in a book titled “The Prophecies.”

Nostradamus wrote his quartiles in a cryptic style so much that they needed their interpretation.

Some argue that most of his predictions have been accurate, but others do nothing but deny them.

It has recently been discovered in the National Library of Rome, an ancient manuscript belonging to Nostradamus kept hidden by the Church and the Popes because of its evil predictions for it; in this manuscript, there are incredible coincidences with the realities of our times. It also mentions the so-called end of times, the apocalypse, which should be just in 2018, as predicted by the Mayan calendar!

World 2018 Nostradamus predictions are very popular, as its predictions seem to match those from other sources such as the Bible, Maya, and other texts. It is also necessary to keep in mind that Nostradamus’s predictions are never clear, therefore their meaning varies considerably from their interpretation.

2018 is seen by Nostradamus as a desolating picture of mass destruction due to the passing of a comet. It is unclear whether this comet will strike the earth or pass very close to our planet, causing mass earthquakes and other catastrophic events. But all its quartile interpreters are united in believing that it will be a comet to pass in December 2018.

Nostradamus writes in one of his quarters – “In the sky you will see a great fire by dragging a spark of a spark”, and if a comet passes near the earth the effect of its gravity will cause the oceans to rise with earthquakes.

Another theory is that the passage of the comet near the earth could cause the passage of an asteroid that will have a strong impact on Earth, equal to the explosion of an atomic bomb and will cause mass destruction. Some predict that the superpowers of the world will send atomic missiles to stop this asteroid in space, causing a rain of fire.

Other hypotheses inspired by the Nostradamus prophecies for 2018 suggest that the cause of mass destruction of the planet will be due to anarchy among peoples so that some nations will be able to exploit this situation and bring the world to a third world war. One of the quartiles says, “King of terror will come from heaven, and he will bring to the life of the king of the Mongols.”

In its quarters there is also an indication of the duration of this event. “The Great Star will be a triumph for seven days,” ie the comet will be very close to the earth for seven days and seven nights. He also says, “The huge dog will crawl all night, when the great pontiff will change earth.” The big dog is considered by many interpreters like the United Kingdom and the pontiff is considered the pope and therefore even Rome will be destroyed.

According to various astrological prophecies and calculations, it is December 21, 2018, the date of the Gregorian calendar in which an event of unspecified nature and of planetary proportions should occur, which will produce a change, a break with the past, a spiritual transformation, or the end of the world, the apocalypse.

This expected event temporarily connects to the end of one of the cycles (b’ak’tun) of the Maya calendar.
None of these prophecies have any scientific basis and have been repeatedly denied by the geophysical and astronomical community.

For the maya on December 21, 2018 ends an astrological cycle, ending the fifth Era (in fact ends the Age of fish leaving the place at the Aquarium Age) more this time the Earth should be aligned with the Sun and the the center of our Galaxy, among other things for the ancient peoples, is the kingdom of the gods, from which the lords of heaven will descend again on Earth.

The alignment of our planet with the Sun is related to planet Nibiru, which will participate in this alignment with its mass and relative force of gravity and will condition the solar flow and other planets.
Just because of this alignment the Sun could trigger solar storms.