19 Feb

Man Taurus compatibility

Male Taurus – Woman Aries
Supplementary report, each party offering the other what it lacks. The Bull keeps his feet on the ground when Aries juggles with the risks.

Male Taurus – Woman Taurus
The partners are able to achieve perfect harmony. But, having little imagination, they will one day feel a certain lack of stimulation.

Male Taurus – Female Gemini
In love, dialogue is quite difficult because of the great difference in temperament. In the work, the parts are fortunately complementary.

Male Taurus – Female Cancer
Excellent combination of sensuality and freshness. The partners share common tastes for the family, the children, the comfort of the home.

Male Taurus – Woman Lion
A combination that involves real risks but also real chances. The couple can perfectly prosper. Happiness, if it exists, will be lasting.

Male Taurus – Woman Virgo
Good affinity relationship initially. But risks of frustration and boredom if the parties do not show mutual understanding and tolerance.

Male Taurus – Woman Libra
There are many risks of misunderstandings between these artists. But happiness for two is perfectly within their reach and depends solely on their goodwill.

Male Taurus – Woman Scorpio
This is the classic attraction of opposing characters. The relationship will be based on sensuality and sexuality, but will suffer from some dissatisfaction.

Male Taurus – Woman Sagittarius
There are more differences than similarities. Goodwill will be in great demand. There can be no question of absolute failure or absolute success.

Male Taurus – Female Capricorn
Much commonality and little divergence. Perfect affinities in long-term companies. An ideal union especially for the mature age.

Man Taurus – Woman Aquarius
Difficult but complementary relationships. But if they are wise enough, the partners can bring to each other a lot of friendship and complicity.

Male Taurus – Woman Pisces
Combination marked by a deep complementarity. A strong and lasting bond underlies this union, which will always retain an air of exquisite freshness.

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