22 Sep

Horoscopes 2018 by famous astrologer John Terry

Astrologer John Terry suggest that the 2018 horoscope will be great one for Capricorn. Those born under this Saturn-dominated sign can expect different events, be they positive or negative. But so is life, it is important to learn from the mistakes of the past. That is precisely what the Capricorn must say. In addition, because of your practical personality and the tendency to work a lot, you will always find a way to solve any problem.

Right from the beginning of the year, Mars’s influence in Sagittarius will bring you the desire to fight for what you think – which can cause you inconvenience. If you are too stubborn in a conflict with a person with greater authority than yours (for example your boss), the situation may not end as well for you. It is necessary to stay calm, to evaluate the situation in a realistic way and to know when it is worth the risk and when it is good to withdraw. Frustration due to excessive energy can be released in sports, for example.

With the spring months of 2018 and the gradual warming, you will also melt. You will be attracted to anything new, for example a person of the opposite sex. The horoscope promises to the people that they will have many adventures and even flirting during this period. Moreover, it is possible to develop in great love. All you have to do is strive and be persevering.

Each Capricorn can expect to calm the water in the pit. Problems have been resolved, so you can start to get into the rhythm. If you want to do something, now is the ideal time to show what you are capable of. During this time, the relationships will be stable, so you do not have to worry about any conflicts that appear near you. You will be accompanied by a harmonious energy.

The fall of 2018 will bring you many problems, according to the horoscope. Due to the influence of Venus in Scorpio, you will be attracted to the forbidden fruit. You will have intense feelings, but you will try not to show this to anyone. In extreme cases, it may even lead to cheating. On the other hand, taking into consideration professional life, a quiet period is waiting for you. You can quickly analyze and solve problems of any kind. If you are hardworking and diligent, the reward will be yours definitely.

With the end of the year, the events around you will calm down. So, you can think now and evaluate what happened. According to the horoscope, you will feel best in your family or wherever you feel safe.

People born under the sign of the Libra are associated with the planet Venus, which is the cause of their emotional mood. They are intellectuals who yearn for new experiences. They enjoy life and are easily attracted to beautiful things. They have artistic talent and love art in general. He loves jewels, elegant clothes, all forms of fun, music, dance and money because they can have whatever they want because of them. Honesty and sense of responsibility are typical of them. They are usually merciful, philanthropic and amiable. They have their own ideas and try to live by respecting them. Those under the Libra sign are ambitious and less selfish and the people around can easily offend.

The vices of those under this sign are exaggerated sensitivity, inclination to impatience, and their worry-free nature can lead to inappropriate cash handling. I often choose feelings to the detriment of reason.

In relationships, because of their kindness, they are very friendly. I can not resist temptations and need a partner to tolerate them. Marriage and society play the most important role in their lives. But sometimes they face some problems with their partner.

Those born in Balance are good employees when they can work with people. That’s why the ideal profession for them should be related to art and business. Failures in their careers can be caused by lack of care and the tendency to subordinate to other people’s influences.

This sign is associated with the Sun. It gives Levi a lot of creative energy that is related to their leadership. They are often creators of great plans, even if they are not always feasible. They are generous and try to reach the stars. I long for the social status that is related to their love for wealth. He loves money because he offers freedom and independence. They are good friends, but also good critics.

Due to problems with self-confidence and ambition, it suffers from the desire to always be at the center of attention. Leagues hunt in groups to be admired. If they fail, they prefer to avoid this group and try to find another. They are successful in life because of their sense of perseverance and quick decisions. They often have good health and resist environmental influences.

Their vice is especially their selfishness that can hurt others. Sometimes he suffers from extreme generosity or the inability to subordinate others.

In terms of career, Leagues are often the leaders of companies or successful business people who are connected with their sense of purpose and perseverance. Leagues rarely have simple jobs because they do not feel comfortable when someone drives them.

All their good and evil qualities influence their behavior in relationships, but the Lions do not want to suppress them. Also, their lifestyle based on pleasure can lead to instability and even infidelity.

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