15 May

Be prepared for the year of the Dog 2018

For some signs of the Chinese zodiac, it is difficult to see the correspondence between the characteristics of the animal assumed as a symbol and the temperament of the natives of the sign, but this is certainly not the case for the Dog! Find here a great guide for chinese year of the dog 2018 .

Just like the animals that represent them, the Dog’s natives are the best friends; Their loyalty and the depth of their feelings are exceptional.

When you come home and you are greeted by a native partner of this sign you will receive such a glimpse of devotion and love to confirm the certainty that our companion will never abandon us in moments of difficulty. Anyone who has a Dog’s native dog has a treasure and will never be alone.

The dog’s mark is the guardian of the Chinese Zodiac; It is enough to even notice the subtle effusion of deceit or injustice, and here it is, it is launched, ready to grow and to bite! Paper and pen to the hand or sitting in front of the computer, it hurts to hunt for everything that is wrong or wrong, defending all the members of her pack, that is, of whole humanity.

The Dog’s natives are the tireless paladins of the right causes and are easy to always enlist in some new crusade, provided they are certain that the end is justice.

They subscribe to petitions, collect signatures, write letters to the newspapers, participate in demonstrations, and fight at every moment tirelessly against the overwhelming and falsehood in the name of truth. Though the Dog’s natives are good at defending the rights of others and giving them security, they do not do the same for themselves and, while they are being made to fight against some injustice, they do not even realize that they are also victims ! The same thing happens in financial and professional matters, committed to asserting the rights of others and to helping them forget to deal with themselves and their situation; Realizing the damage when it is too late.

Born under the sign of the Dog are extremely sensitive and vulnerable and very much affected by the atmosphere around them; If they are together with cheerful and relaxed people, they are also cheerful and relaxed, but if they are in the company of unhappy and lamentable people, they become sad and let themselves be depressed.
On the other hand, while being so sensitive to the attitudes of others, they completely ignore what effects their behavior may have on others; They often say things that leave the stucco interlocutor, perhaps by joke, or because they simply believe the truth is true, without taking into account that this can offend and be said in the right ways. However, it is easy to forgive them because of the great availability of their heart.

The dog’s mark has its best moments as well as the Dog’s year, even in the Tiger and Horse years, while undergoing negative interference in the Dragon, Ox and Goat years.

It may be the most sympathetic sign of the entire Chinese cycle. An individual born in the Dog Year is honest, intelligent and sincere. It has a deep sense of loyalty, passion for justice and impartiality. A Dog’s native is usually lively and attractive and radiates sex appeal. Generally amiable and not pretentious, he will be able to get along with others because he is not too demanding. The egorean Dog loves to meet others, is always willing to hear the voice of reason and to do his part. If you have an honest Dog for Friend, you know that when you’re in trouble you just have to call it.
In fact, even if he protests, reproaches or pretends to be indifferent, the dog’s native can not ignore a help invocation. At times, it protects the interests of others more than their own. If there is someone who will get you out of trouble ten times out of ten, it must be a Dog. The dog’s native is sometimes attached to the object of his affection even if he does not deserve it. You will never see a Dog that goes home just because he has discovered that his master has the proverbial clay feet. It takes into account human fragility and remains faithful anyway. And if it goes away, do not blame it: it must be a really unbearable house, because the Dog does not easily despair. Like her equally humanitarian friend, the Tiger, the Dog rarely takes it personally with someone.

It will mutilate you for a specific gesture or guilt without hating you completely or forever. His anger is passable. It can come suddenly and disappear with the same speed. But it will be a justifiable anger … without malice, without rancor and no jealousy. Eventually, after extensive repairs, the Dog is capable of burying the Ax of War. Not all dogs are looking for shouts. It would be fair to say that the dog’s native is an attentive and open observer, which aims to save social ends and defend the interests of all.

It has high principles, in the bottom is generous and charitable. Uncompromising, it imposes a great mental discipline and takes things very seriously, especially heart affairs and political interests. His loyalty is undisputable, he is very determined; It hates injustice, it is capable of resorting to extreme means of accepting its points of view.

It’s intuitive, it’s hard to let it get out of the way, If woman, it can have exceptional beauty. Water gives it a certain amount of reflection. Cool, clement with himself and with others, he often abandons himself with self-denial. A good adviser, impartial, with legislative mentality, can express himself clearly. He is skilled in approaches. He is destined to have many friends and his company is looking for.

Enchanting, full of human warmth, balanced, draws lasting ties with friends. Honest, thoughtful, benevolent, seek intellectual stimuli and work to improve. It is attracted by money and success, but it is not materialistic. It is oriented towards the neighbor and tries to please the others as much as possible. But he must learn to be more independent, at times to shake the water.

Extremely theatrical and fascinating, eye-catching and friendly personality. Very rebellious when he is forced to do something controvigious, but very popular with the exponents of the other sex. She barks with the same force she barks. Fire makes it creative and expressive. It has an exceptional power of will and a lofty nature to which others stunt to resist. The extroverted nature, coupled with faith and the ideal, helps it in ambitious businesses.

Efficient and constructive thinker moves slowly but with purposeful purpose. He is faithful to his convictions, but he bends to the will of the majority. Watchful and watchful, appreciate the right use of money and power, has a system of values ​​from which it does not differ. Quiet, kind, he can help others. He is never totally depressed by defeat, nor ever too confident in winning.

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