01 May

2019 horoscopes – life changing year

All zodiac signs have the chance to change their lives in 2019, but it also depends on how they act

22 Dec

Free 2018 horoscope – aries, taurus, gemini

If your sign or ascendant is Aries, these words are addressed to you. Aries likes challenges of adventure, of changes.

16 Oct

Yearly astro predictions 2018 for taurus

For taurus , this year is one to harvest in the grounds of the heart. The good news is that

05 Oct

Year of the dog is coming !

Chinese Horoscope 2018 – Dog. The year 2018 is dedicated to the dog or what is the same to the

22 Sep

Horoscopes 2018 by famous astrologer John Terry

Astrologer John Terry suggest that the 2018 horoscope will be great one for Capricorn. Those born under this Saturn-dominated sign

24 Aug

Astro Guide for 2018 – free horoscope sources

Pisces In astrology, Pisces is an intuitive, romantic but also sensitive and emotional person. It is an occultist person whose

15 May

Be prepared for the year of the Dog 2018

For some signs of the Chinese zodiac, it is difficult to see the correspondence between the characteristics of the animal

17 Apr

What precious stones bring you luck in life, according to the zodiac

Semi-precious and precious stones have their own energy that folds differently on each person, depending on the sign. Here are

04 Apr

Rune Interpretation – a quick guide

According to the Vikings, the word rune means “secret murmured”. After long centuries of forgetting, the runes finally reappear as

28 Feb

Virgo man compatibility with other signs

Man Woman – Woman Aries The parts are at the opposite end of each other. But if the union is