19 Feb

aries man in love

Apollo of the Belvedere would represent the Aries to the masculine. Head high, body slender, hips narrow, legs long and thin … everything shows an extraordinary vitality. It looks like the Aries man is always ready to jump. When he walks, he stretches his step, and one can not help admiring his presence. His gestures, slow and precise, denote a boundless will and assurance. Its hair and hair system are abundant – one more element that adds to its irresistible magnetism. Wherever he goes and especially on the beach, the native attracts admiring feminine looks and arouses envy among men.

The ideal of chivalry would respond well to the character of the Aries man. He is a being full of courage and generosity and devoured by an imperious need to act. Like the knight of the Middle Ages, he often dreams of situations where he must fight the bad guys and protect the weak. It is therefore not surprising to see him participate in all the movements of protest or struggle, ranging from trade union demands to ecological campaigns to demonstrations condemning human rights violations in various countries.

Aries man does not like ease; It is the difficulty that fascinates him and gives him wings. One knows well the word of De Gaulle: “The difficulty attracts the man of character …” This tendency of Aries manifests itself from its youngest age. If he is to climb to the top of a mountain, he will choose the steepest slope to reach it. In love or in marriage, nothing is more displeasing to her than a too docile woman, a woman who never gives him any trouble.

The male Aries is an excellent lover. He is able to fulfill the desires of the most sensual woman. But she can not count on him to “purr”. As Byron put it, “the love of a man occupies only a part of his life”; In Aries man, this part is singularly reduced. Love interests him only to the extent that he still has to conquer. As soon as things become easy, the native gets tired of it; That is why it is said that it is really not made for marriage. Women in love with an Aries would be well advised never to give him the impression that their conquest is over. Make him understand, at any stage of the amorous or conjugal relationship, that nothing is yet definitively acquired. It is allergic to the state of accomplishment and routine.

It is of course difficult to follow these tips. The women who do this are not numerous. Ladies, if your husband Aries begins to run after other women, ask yourself first if you are not for something.

The moral sense in the native is rather doubtful. It seems that he does not trouble himself with scruples. All that gives him the opportunity to act gives him at the same time a sufficient moral justification.

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