19 Feb

All information about Gemini man

The Gemini man seems much more intellectual than manual although he is perfectly capable of exercising any profession. The waist is slim to an advanced age, unless the native has yielded immoderately to his natural greediness. The gait is supple, the back slightly arched, the hip narrow as that of the Spanish dancers. The masculine Gemini shows a predisposition to precocious baldness.

In terms of clothing, the Gemini man is rather conservative. He prefers the colors a little dark. The cut of his clothes is always impeccable, because it is very demanding in this respect.

Terribly effective in business, the Gemini native is worried about his emotional life. The door of the heart of others is often closed to him. He believes he is easily the victim of a plot or the malice of destiny, whereas it is precisely his affairism that is responsible for his isolation.

The man Gemini is an excellent lover in that it puts of the feeling and the imagination in his amorous antics. The preliminaries and the epilogue of his sexual intercourse are as important to him as the act itself. He accomplishes each phase by vibrating with all his fibers, like a great artist who passionately plays every movement of a symphony. Since he gives himself entirely to the act, the richness and variety of his amorous manifestations are inexhaustible. Happy women who have it as partner, because they will not know the routine!

The man Gemini has no exceptional reputation for marital fidelity. He may succumb to temptation as easily as the native of another sign. He is particularly vulnerable to the noon demon, given the more than probable sentimental disappointments in his youth and pecuniary ease at his mature age. Yet it is not a Casanova who was satisfied with anything; It is the quality and not the quantity that it seeks. Get your free yearly Gemini love horoscope 2018 and find out what the planets have to predict regarding your love.

The native can never go far in the way of adultery through his innate desire for security. For nothing in the world he does not want to risk a divorce. An extramarital affair is acceptable only if she does not threaten her home. He will never have the courage to think of making a new life with another woman, whatever qualities she may have. Madame, if ever you are the mistress of a married Gemini, show the utmost discretion, otherwise you will lose it: he would take his legs around his neck as soon as he saw any complication.

Any woman married to a Gemini has more than one reason to be happy. She is pampered and revered, not only because the husband instinctively delights, but also because he appreciates it as … a lifebuoy; He had, in fact, so much trouble finding a woman who accepted to share his life and allow him to be “like the others”. She will live comfortably, her husband making it a point of honor to largely provide for all her needs and even some of her whims. He certainly has the means to offer him dresses, fur coats, jewelry, social outings and travels. And in addition, the risk of adultery is not excessive.

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