01 May

2019 horoscopes – life changing year

All zodiac signs have the chance to change their lives in 2019, but it also depends on how they act and how the planets will move. Here’s how it will go in love or how you position yourself in finance! Check out also this page : https://www.horoscopes.guru/2019-horoscope/ .  (You will find everything about 2019 horoscopes)



Take advantage of this year! Work hard when you need it, but do not be afraid to relax and have fun. This is yours this year.

Aries are generally relaxed people. This star sign is full of life and energy, and so will be this year, nothing seems to stand in their way.

In love you have to control your anger The words spoken without much thought can affect your relationship with your partner. According to the forecasts, married couples should consciously avoid an extra-marital relationship. You need to make more effort to strengthen your relationship and achieve the expected results. You may be experiencing a difficult time from May to November.

Good management is needed this year to avoid financial deviations. This will also help you get your plans done. Though things may happen gradually, your ongoing work will yield the expected results.


Life will probably be less stressful this year for the native Taurus. He will not struggle with the feeling that everything hangs on his shoulders. This is the year when you withdraw from the limelight and relax.

The amorous plan will not be a good one this year, you will have disappointments, and the differences of opinion between you and your partner (life partner) will be the order of the day. You can bind new love or you can return to an old love, this year everything is possible.

With regard to finance, you have to be very careful this year. Try to avoid extra expenses. You can have ample opportunities to win, but you may not get the expected results. There are also chances of major financial losses, especially in January.

On the other hand, try to make profit from the ancestral property. You can take a loan in an attempt to fulfill all your responsibilities. You will have to be very careful about the legal issues during this period.

The state of Taurus could improve after October. Traveling with work can be beneficial.


This year, you will feel that you have more energy than usual. You can do many new things. You can try to start dramatic changes in your life. You will definitely start new projects, even if you will not give up on the old hobbies this year.

Love life will be great this year, for both the Gemini man and the woman who is part of this sign. If you are alone, but you want a partner, this could happen soon. To the others, who are engaged in a relationship, the story can be completed with a marriage.

You will not have any trouble with this year’s finances either. It is possible to get new sources of income that could increase your earnings. However, you have to control your expenses because they can increase more than in the previous year. On the other hand, at the beginning of the year, you will struggle a little in trying to earn money, but gradually things will be solved and you will be able to reach all your goals.


The natives of Cancer will also have this changing emotions this year, they will retain their materialistic and anxious side. Also, Cracs will travel a lot this year alongside their life partner.

Also, the ones themselves have every chance of finding someone. Married couples will not give up this year’s extra-marital affairs.

From a financial point of view, this year will be a good one. You may acquire new sources of income, but you will also face financial difficulties because of the extra costs. If a big investment in business is needed, which will be beneficial to you, be careful of all the details.


The lion’s personality might change a little to adapt to the circumstances that will come in 2019. This could help build their character and strengthen their complex personality.

The lion’s lover’s life may have climbs and downs this year. You can observe the agitation in the behavior of your life partner, but do not bother, because each problem has a solution. You expect things to come to an end soon, and all your problems can disappear. Moreover, you can plan a trip abroad with your boyfriend to spend a good time.

From a financial point of view this year seems to be great for those born in this zodiacal sign. In 2019, you may not be facing a financial crisis. You are expected to invest in a new property or land, or to renounce a current property.

Your right decisions and your sharp intellect can give you huge benefits. With increased funding, spending could increase. So, keep a budget control and plan the finances well. It’s also good to not blindly believe in people this year.


From the beginning to the end of the year, the natives of this sign will be very busy. Virgoes are analytical people, pay special attention to details, so some think they are trying too much to achieve perfection. They are also caring friends. They like to do what is right and useful. These features can help Virgo in 2019.

This year your love life may be confusing. There are chances of partnering because of misunderstandings. Therefore, it is better to avoid unnecessary tension and disputes.

However, it is expected that things will be settled, and from February you will have a beneficial period. You can make more effort to win the heart of your partner, who may be experiencing certain health problems this year. We recommend that you make the decisions wisely and not be influenced by others.

In 2019, the income of those who belong to this zodiacal sign could increase significantly. You can travel abroad to expand your business. This journey is expected to be fruitful, as many new opportunities can emerge.


A dominant feature of Balance’s personality is that it strives to achieve balance on all levels. Balance native is right with others and will continue to act as pacifist for friends in 2019. They believe in fairness and equality.

In love you can get what you want in 2019. However, things will happen gradually. After March you can spend a memorable time with your life partner.

Next year will be fruitful for married couples who want a baby. Their desire may be fulfilled during this period. Also, if you are attracted to someone, you can approach it with a proposal.

Financially you can change your strategy. During this time, you will work hard to consolidate your finances and be successful. You can also get out of debt if you took a loan. From January to March there are indications that the amount you earn may increase.


This year will be for the Scorpions much more peaceful than the one before. You have worked hard, and now is the time for a small break. In 2019 you try to do things that make you happy, do not try to impress others.

Scorpions strive to be successful, and if they do all the right choices, they will have it in 2019.

Try to stay loyal to your partner and avoid adventures. On the other hand, if you are unmarried, you can get some wonderful proposals this year. Generally, you are expected to have good results on the love front.

In terms of money you have to be very careful during this time. Whatever you do, check your budget and avoid additional costs. Do not make any financial decisions in a hurry, as there are chances of financial loss.


Sagittarian’s personality has many features that can help or hurt in 2019. They are intelligent people, love to learn new things, and can be trusted partners.

Treat a man from Sagittarius or a woman well and treat you in the same way.

Sagittarius will love and be loved this year. Good news for people who are looking for a partner because they might know someone special during this time.

During this year, you may have some financial opportunities that could change your life in a meaningful way. You can get a salary increase and a significant post.

Overall, this year, you will not face a financial crisis, but you need to avoid additional spending.


Capricorn remains ambitious in 2019. He will do all he can to reach his goals. They are practical people and do not have much time for frivolous things, even if they are materialists.

The year will be a good one for your sentimental life. You will have a good relationship with your partner during this period.

At the financial level, you need to be careful during this time. This year is full of ups and downs. You may be working hard to earn money and increase your finances. You will also be confronted with expenses. So better financial planning is needed this year. However, you will enjoy the support of your parents and husband.


This year, you will need to find a balance in your life if you want to be happy. You will have to look at your past to better understand the present.

Aquarians tend to be people with eccentric personalities. It is not possible to encounter a sun sign more independently than the Aquarius. They make friends easily, but I feel no one really understands them.

On the sentimental level you will have many obstacles to overcome this year. Initially, there will be some differences in the couple relationship, so it is advisable to circumvent the disputes. Also avoid unnecessary arguments and unfounded claims. Year 2019 is not good for marriage.

Overall, the year is good in the financial field but requires work and intelligence.


This year you will have extra time to do what you like! Now is the time to renew your projects and use some of the energy that characterizes you. This state can also inspire you to try new things or make other changes in life in 2019.

In love, you have to be cautious, because at this point there are chances for some misunderstandings to occur. Wrong words can ruin your relationship.

This year there are opportunities for gain and loss. The positions of the planets suggest that your innovative ideas can lead to certain financial gains. You can also win the lottery, but take care of who you are borrowing money on.

Time is not favorable for investments in January-March. After this period, some very good options may appear and your financial position could be strengthened.

22 Dec

Free 2018 horoscope – aries, taurus, gemini

If your sign or ascendant is Aries, these words are addressed to you.
Aries likes challenges of adventure, of changes. Thus, its life in 2018 will not be monotonous, because there will be plenty of opportunities and challenges to put Martian energy into action. Opportunities brought by the planets Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Pluto. You can find here the first 3 zodiac signs . If you want to read the horoscope 2018 for all 12 zodiac signs visit www.yearly-horoscope.org .

There will be a spiritual appeal, which will lead them to be part of esoteric or religious groups, these natives will have a greater need to know more about matters related to the occult. Certainly they will seek the truth of life, Neptune in Pisces in the 12th house will bring the call to know more about the spiritual part.

The Arians have some changes, Saturn crosses the professional sector bringing definitions in the lives of these natives, Saturn will crown or not these natives all that they have done in the last 7 years in professional terms.

Thus, the first month of the year presents itself challenging soon for the natives that celebrate birthday in the first days of the sign, that is, first deanato. These may feel fear, life a bit more stationary, and even have to take on new professional challenges.

The second dean, or natives celebrating their birthday from April 12 to 16, has Pluto’s pressure on the Sun to bring obstacles, Pluto’s strength calls for deep self-knowledge, life will question these natives how they dealt with the power. The stage of life where he lives will be in the home of these native’s career, promoting change, where there is the fear of losing. These groups should not make investments, speculative deals, where there is a risk. They may live limit situations.

Beginning in November, they can count on improved life, expansion and new opportunities due to the Jupiter / Sun aspect for the natives from March 22 to 30. These can count on news, Jupiter / Sun is the aspect of joy, optimism and luck. Thus, enthusiasm will take care of these natives which, is already a characteristic
latent of their personality, the foreigner could also be an opportunity in the life of these natives.

If your sign is Taurus or your ascendant then you should carefully read the text below.

These natives have enlightened sentimental life, Jupiter is in the field of affective relationships. Many will be Taureans who will contract marriage, fall in love with love in 2018.

Where Jupiter transits is where we pay more attention to life, where we are cheerful, optimistic, and lucky. Therefore, until the month of November is the sphere of affective relationships that will be the focus of Taurinos.

The first decanate, the natives who make years in the first ten days, have Saturn / Sun planning life, a very good time to carry out long-term projects for the natives from April 21 to 30.
Saturn crosses house 8 (a house of death and rebirth), requiring adjustments in financial terms. During this year, it is favorable to make agreements, negotiations, areas related to finances, inheritances, this planet in this house confers a lot of fear, something that these natives must counter.

The third decanate has Pluto / Sun corresponding to rebirth, progress and growth. These natives must put their dreams and projects into practice, for strength and tenacity will not be lacking. As Pluto is related to power these natives will be able to more easily reach those who are from 9 to 12 May.

Uranus, enters this sign in May, may have a greater need to change it for the natives from April 21 to 23. Jupiter is expanding the house related to sentimental life, it will be the area that will give more attention, more importance being a fertile time to promote this area of ​​life.

This is a lucky period, so that initiatives should be taken that aim at a sentimental rise, being covered by this aspect the natives of the 2nd and 3rd deans.

Because this cycle only occurs every 12 years, opportunities should be grasped without fear. Luck will
accompany the sentimental life of these natives.

The planet Neptune also illuminates the lives of these natives with great creativity and sensitivity to favor all kinds of art, may have an increased willingness to help the next born natives May 5-10.

If your sign is Gemini or Gemini ascendant then you should read this text carefully.
The last three years these natives went through pressures and difficulties coming from Mr. of Karma that was in the opposite constellation. It was a paddling against the tide. 2018 is a year of liberation for these natives who can finally see their lives go!

Professional life will be a stage of expansion, growth and renewal until October. The planet Jupiter lies in the professional home to bring good luck and opportunities, an improvement that is accompanied by life expansion.

Great intuitive ability as of the month of May due to the entrance of Uranus in the 12th house, philanthropic, philosophical and spiritual matters are of great importance. In November the focus of attention will be on affection and affective relationships. Here the setting will be love and affective relationships.

Special attention to the natives who celebrate their birthday from June 5 to 7 as these meet with a tension Neptune / Sun that causes tiredness, disappointment, distortion of reality, in some area of ​​life will disappoint. They may need to change their careers due to their dissatisfaction.

By May they can take advantage of the good winds of change brought by Uranus’ charitable appearance for the natives June 18-21. These natives may see their life progress suddenly.

Travel to distant destinations is also highly favored and is the right time to start projects.
November, relief of difficulties, improvement and opportunities for the first deanery.

16 Oct

Yearly astro predictions 2018 for taurus

For taurus , this year is one to harvest in the grounds of the heart. The good news is that in most of the plots of your life everything is in order, especially in the lands that matter: the couple and the family. However, the stars do not like immobility, and you will be tested in some aspects, especially those that have to do with your professional life. You must also observe an essential rule: Do not give everything. It does not matter in the name of what. Learn to save a little for yourself.

Taurus and health.
In this coming year2018 , Taurus, it is necessary that you attend to the outstanding debts that you have with your health. Or else these little annoyances will increase and become something that could cause you considerable damage. First of all you must attack the symptoms of the fatigue that has gripped you for years. The fact that you did not want to see her does not mean she’s not there, lurking.
You have to start giving yourself more time to do things, not to extenuate yourself seeking to meet deadlines and unreal goals. You have to reserve time for yourself, to rest and regain strength. Otherwise that tiredness will take the best of you. Please visit horoscope2018.guru if you want to read the yearly astro forecast 2018 for each zodiac sign.

Taurus and love.
This is a period in which you must rethink your love relationships. You have a problem that is often repeated as a couple, and now dominates the way you love and believe that they love you: you always let the other decide for you. It is time that you take your destiny in your hands, and that you take responsibility for what you live. It is time for you to stop believing that your opinions are not worth the same as the opinions of others.
This 2018 is necessary for you to look in the mirror, and marvel at what you see. It’s time to love you more than you love others. Only in this way can you enjoy what love can offer you. There is no future for you in a relationship where you just let yourself go. You have to take the reins, and decide that it’s worth more for you. You can not leave the destiny of your heart in the hands of your partner.

Taurus and family.
Things in the house are going to be very good in 2018. There will be no cause for misery or absences, but you will need to consider putting order in a fundamental aspect. This year you are asked to take the right place in your home. A place that you deserve for how much you work, for how much you care. It is necessary that within your home you are seen with the respect that you deserve, because you will have to make decisions that will force those who are with you to follow your mandate.

Taurus, how your animal pattern is a bull in all aspects of your life. These beings are faithful by nature and always keep their body so that another person with the same intentions of seriousness can enjoy it completely, without fears and without needing to be thinking that there is something wrong with that person.

The conquest. To conquer a Taurus in love, one must think very well about what one is going to say, the conquest although not difficult, requires a certain tact and ability to say just what he wants to hear and not lose the opportunity to have a moment of love with a faithful companion taurus or a good time in bed with a whole bull spirited and wild.

Taurus in terms of love and behavior in intimate relationships can be a bit dual, but it always remains firm in its position of security and strength, being one of the signs that generate more confidence towards themselves, forcing their partners to being in a similar level of status quo, that is, people who go out with a Taurus, have to have a point of confidence in themselves similar to that of the bulls, otherwise they will be sadly overshadowed by the imposing figure of these beings of the second zodiacal house.

Taurus are very temperamental people and do not like the changes of surprise plans, so be careful when setting up a ride or trip, because to leave something wrong you can unleash the wonderful genius locked up that these people have and see you involved in a fight that before a Taurus, you can never win.

Look for quiet spaces and try to create plans away from home from time to time, as they enjoy going out and socializing a little, to feel committed but not tied, whether the relationship is formal or marriage.

How they behave. Taurus are very strong people, with somewhat static personalities and little fluctuating, usually very loving, but also extremely jealous and overprotective, so a time of intense love with a Taurus may represent an invisible attachment to an animal wild ready to trample anyone who is for your attention and attraction.

They are very good lovers, spirited and intense, who always seek to show their ability to please, both men and women, and will not stop until both are satisfied to get their chest and be able to walk with their heads up, knowing that their couple was completely satisfied in bed and that, in turn, managed to get all the pleasure and attention that required as a great big animal.

05 Oct

Year of the dog is coming !

Chinese Horoscope 2018 – Dog. The year 2018 is dedicated to the dog or what is the same to the people who was born in the years 1910, 1922, 1934, 1946, 1958, 1970, 1982, 1994, 2006, 2018. In this article we will introduce you all the details of the dog’s horoscope, ie predictions at work, love and health.

Being the dog a sign that stands out for being hardworking, honest and loyal presents his year full of opportunities to achieve a good life and fulfill all his dreams. Join us and find out what awaits you in the year of the dog!

Chinese Horoscope 2018 – Dog

The 2018 is presented as a year full of positive things, opportunities that we can not let escape because they can change our lives but for the better. But to get that good life, dogs will have to make sacrifices and try hard, but thanks to their creative ability, it will be easier.

But it is not always easy to get, and we inform you that according to the Chinese Horoscope 2018 there will also be difficult times and long complicated periods of time that will delay you in your goals but with perseverance and sacrifice you will get everything.

The best months for dogs this year 2018 will be April and June because they will solve your economic problems, remember that it is not necessary to spend on products that you really do not need.

Chinese Horoscope 2018 the Dog – Love

Predictions for love for the Dog are good, surely at the beginning of the year, January and February 2018, love relationships improve considerably, this is due to divine energy. Single people will start having dates with people who never imagined, we recommend social gatherings with friends to meet your partner.

People with partners will solve the problems thanks to the patience of the dog and that the efforts in the end give their fruit. From the month of July your love life will be perfect, romantic, exciting, you will recover the illusion, go to parties …. For couples who are looking to get pregnant according to the Chinese horoscope the best time is in June.

Chinese Horoscope 2018 the Dog – Family

This 2018 is a good year for families as they will resolve the conflicts of the past year and everything will return to be good among all members of the family. The discussions are normal between family but we have to try to have peace and always come together and stronger.

For pairs of dogs that have been married will also be very good, will form a happy family and although at the beginning there are conflicts due to coexistence everything will be solved.

Chinese Horoscope 2018 the Dog – Work

The horoscope of the dog of 2018 predicts that at work the work environment is perfect, with your colleagues there is a very good relationship and you work well with them. As for your work goals you have to consider a strategy to follow to get them, we recommend that you accept ideas and advice from your friends and family.

To ascend at work you have to show your superiors that you can take on more responsibilities, you also have enough energy and knowledge to be able to undertake the jobs you have always wanted to do, but analyze the consequences and sacrifices well.

Chinese Horoscope 2018 the Dog – Economy

Once we have seen the work now let’s talk about the economy, the 2018 dog horoscope tells us that we are going to have some monetary challenges, complicated times of money but that we will find the right methods to level the expenses with the gains.

Problems will arise due to poor money organization, we must be aware of the standard of living we have, the income we have and the expenses. A good strategy taking into account all these factors will help you to become better financially. Care in summer with spending more than we have, it is not necessary to spend on luxuries because the budget will go to the fret, remember the financial capacity you have.

22 Sep

Horoscopes 2018 by famous astrologer John Terry

Astrologer John Terry suggest that the 2018 horoscope will be great one for Capricorn. Those born under this Saturn-dominated sign can expect different events, be they positive or negative. But so is life, it is important to learn from the mistakes of the past. That is precisely what the Capricorn must say. In addition, because of your practical personality and the tendency to work a lot, you will always find a way to solve any problem.

Right from the beginning of the year, Mars’s influence in Sagittarius will bring you the desire to fight for what you think – which can cause you inconvenience. If you are too stubborn in a conflict with a person with greater authority than yours (for example your boss), the situation may not end as well for you. It is necessary to stay calm, to evaluate the situation in a realistic way and to know when it is worth the risk and when it is good to withdraw. Frustration due to excessive energy can be released in sports, for example.

With the spring months of 2018 and the gradual warming, you will also melt. You will be attracted to anything new, for example a person of the opposite sex. The horoscope promises to the people that they will have many adventures and even flirting during this period. Moreover, it is possible to develop in great love. All you have to do is strive and be persevering.

Each Capricorn can expect to calm the water in the pit. Problems have been resolved, so you can start to get into the rhythm. If you want to do something, now is the ideal time to show what you are capable of. During this time, the relationships will be stable, so you do not have to worry about any conflicts that appear near you. You will be accompanied by a harmonious energy.

The fall of 2018 will bring you many problems, according to the horoscope. Due to the influence of Venus in Scorpio, you will be attracted to the forbidden fruit. You will have intense feelings, but you will try not to show this to anyone. In extreme cases, it may even lead to cheating. On the other hand, taking into consideration professional life, a quiet period is waiting for you. You can quickly analyze and solve problems of any kind. If you are hardworking and diligent, the reward will be yours definitely.

With the end of the year, the events around you will calm down. So, you can think now and evaluate what happened. According to the horoscope, you will feel best in your family or wherever you feel safe.

People born under the sign of the Libra are associated with the planet Venus, which is the cause of their emotional mood. They are intellectuals who yearn for new experiences. They enjoy life and are easily attracted to beautiful things. They have artistic talent and love art in general. He loves jewels, elegant clothes, all forms of fun, music, dance and money because they can have whatever they want because of them. Honesty and sense of responsibility are typical of them. They are usually merciful, philanthropic and amiable. They have their own ideas and try to live by respecting them. Those under the Libra sign are ambitious and less selfish and the people around can easily offend.

The vices of those under this sign are exaggerated sensitivity, inclination to impatience, and their worry-free nature can lead to inappropriate cash handling. I often choose feelings to the detriment of reason.

In relationships, because of their kindness, they are very friendly. I can not resist temptations and need a partner to tolerate them. Marriage and society play the most important role in their lives. But sometimes they face some problems with their partner.

Those born in Balance are good employees when they can work with people. That’s why the ideal profession for them should be related to art and business. Failures in their careers can be caused by lack of care and the tendency to subordinate to other people’s influences.

This sign is associated with the Sun. It gives Levi a lot of creative energy that is related to their leadership. They are often creators of great plans, even if they are not always feasible. They are generous and try to reach the stars. I long for the social status that is related to their love for wealth. He loves money because he offers freedom and independence. They are good friends, but also good critics.

Due to problems with self-confidence and ambition, it suffers from the desire to always be at the center of attention. Leagues hunt in groups to be admired. If they fail, they prefer to avoid this group and try to find another. They are successful in life because of their sense of perseverance and quick decisions. They often have good health and resist environmental influences.

Their vice is especially their selfishness that can hurt others. Sometimes he suffers from extreme generosity or the inability to subordinate others.

In terms of career, Leagues are often the leaders of companies or successful business people who are connected with their sense of purpose and perseverance. Leagues rarely have simple jobs because they do not feel comfortable when someone drives them.

All their good and evil qualities influence their behavior in relationships, but the Lions do not want to suppress them. Also, their lifestyle based on pleasure can lead to instability and even infidelity.

24 Aug

Astro Guide for 2018 – free horoscope sources


In astrology, Pisces is an intuitive, romantic but also sensitive and emotional person. It is an occultist person whose creativity and imagination are well developed. Sometimes the Fish is a pessimistic and weak person who is not able to achieve his goals.

He is a sympathetic, friendly and dreamy person. The Fish is a generous person and that is why she is able to make sacrifices or efforts to help others. On the professional level, the Fish is a confident and conscious person who works well as a team. One of the best astrology websites www.horoscope-2018.org urges all zodiac signs to be more loving in 2018.

In his amorous relationships, Pisces are sensual and romantic partners whose ideal partner must be a communicative and understanding person.

The abundance of loving feelings will continue in 2018 but it will not be a passionate love but about how you get all around you. The planet Jupiter will have a wonderful continuous influence until July, which will make you feel as if you are returning to the joy and purity of childhood. According to the 2018 horoscope, you know how to manifest your ideas and feelings but also your creativity and imagination. From the moment you have a vision or desire, it takes very little time to turn it into reality.


If until now you have enjoyed the peaceful and tranquil atmosphere of your home, in 2018 the focus will be on the journey as well as you will have to prepare yourself for unprecedented adventures await you. Even if sometimes it’s not just about traveling, the joy of expanding horizons and having more knowledge will especially encourage you throughout the first half of the year.

Perhaps learning a foreign language or pursuing studies will bring the joy you are looking for in order to have a more interesting and dynamic life.


Be prepared as astrologers indicate professional success in 2016. This year could easily be one of the most successful years in history thanks to a strong contribution from planetary energies. This will influence you directly as well as you will reject yourself and you will contribute to progress towards the next level in terms of professional goals. With the movement of the planet Venus, you will have some moments of tenderness in the life of the couple but also financial gains possible.

According to the 2018 horoscope, family and domestic problems will also be one of your priorities in 2018.


For the native of the sign Sagittarius the year 2018 can prove to be one of the most social years. Thus, the isolation you endured last year will be replaced by a large dose of empathy and energy, which may bring you new friends or family acquaintances if you are native of the Sagittarius sign.


The year 2018 will be so intense that 2015 for the sign Scorpio. All the tests done in the past will determine in 2016 to strengthen you and change your attitude and behavior. According to the horoscope and astrology 2018, Scorpio natives want to live their lives at maximum intensity and they will also be willing to make many compromises to find happiness, harmony or success.


According to the horoscope Libra 2018, this year will be marked by a radical change especially when it comes to balance, justice and beauty. You will feel in your element by learning new things about art, diplomacy and compromise.

If in the past year you were sad and lonely, do not be afraid because surely in 2018 you will not be alone! You will find the right person to start a new romantic relationship and this relationship will also take on new dimensions through which you can already see promising prospects for your future.


Your astrological sign is the Virg8? So you just enter a year of relaxing vacation and where things will go exactly as you want and nothing poses any obstacles. Even if you are known as someone dedicated to his work, the year 2018 will bring a radical transformation on this aspect.

This is the year you can put into practice many ideas and desires accumulated over time without encountering blockage. In addition, the capacity for reasoning and communication will be more intense in 2018 than ever.


For those born under the zodiacal Leo sign , the year 2018 will start favorably in all areas but more attention will have to be paid especially to relations with others. If in the past you’ve been used to exaggerating and taking things to the extreme, it’s time to make a change in your life. You must use diplomacy and compromise in order to maintain a good relationship with close people but also with your partner.

15 May

Be prepared for the year of the Dog 2018

For some signs of the Chinese zodiac, it is difficult to see the correspondence between the characteristics of the animal assumed as a symbol and the temperament of the natives of the sign, but this is certainly not the case for the Dog! Find here a great guide for chinese year of the dog 2018 .

Just like the animals that represent them, the Dog’s natives are the best friends; Their loyalty and the depth of their feelings are exceptional.

When you come home and you are greeted by a native partner of this sign you will receive such a glimpse of devotion and love to confirm the certainty that our companion will never abandon us in moments of difficulty. Anyone who has a Dog’s native dog has a treasure and will never be alone.

The dog’s mark is the guardian of the Chinese Zodiac; It is enough to even notice the subtle effusion of deceit or injustice, and here it is, it is launched, ready to grow and to bite! Paper and pen to the hand or sitting in front of the computer, it hurts to hunt for everything that is wrong or wrong, defending all the members of her pack, that is, of whole humanity.

The Dog’s natives are the tireless paladins of the right causes and are easy to always enlist in some new crusade, provided they are certain that the end is justice.

They subscribe to petitions, collect signatures, write letters to the newspapers, participate in demonstrations, and fight at every moment tirelessly against the overwhelming and falsehood in the name of truth. Though the Dog’s natives are good at defending the rights of others and giving them security, they do not do the same for themselves and, while they are being made to fight against some injustice, they do not even realize that they are also victims ! The same thing happens in financial and professional matters, committed to asserting the rights of others and to helping them forget to deal with themselves and their situation; Realizing the damage when it is too late.

Born under the sign of the Dog are extremely sensitive and vulnerable and very much affected by the atmosphere around them; If they are together with cheerful and relaxed people, they are also cheerful and relaxed, but if they are in the company of unhappy and lamentable people, they become sad and let themselves be depressed.
On the other hand, while being so sensitive to the attitudes of others, they completely ignore what effects their behavior may have on others; They often say things that leave the stucco interlocutor, perhaps by joke, or because they simply believe the truth is true, without taking into account that this can offend and be said in the right ways. However, it is easy to forgive them because of the great availability of their heart.

The dog’s mark has its best moments as well as the Dog’s year, even in the Tiger and Horse years, while undergoing negative interference in the Dragon, Ox and Goat years.

It may be the most sympathetic sign of the entire Chinese cycle. An individual born in the Dog Year is honest, intelligent and sincere. It has a deep sense of loyalty, passion for justice and impartiality. A Dog’s native is usually lively and attractive and radiates sex appeal. Generally amiable and not pretentious, he will be able to get along with others because he is not too demanding. The egorean Dog loves to meet others, is always willing to hear the voice of reason and to do his part. If you have an honest Dog for Friend, you know that when you’re in trouble you just have to call it.
In fact, even if he protests, reproaches or pretends to be indifferent, the dog’s native can not ignore a help invocation. At times, it protects the interests of others more than their own. If there is someone who will get you out of trouble ten times out of ten, it must be a Dog. The dog’s native is sometimes attached to the object of his affection even if he does not deserve it. You will never see a Dog that goes home just because he has discovered that his master has the proverbial clay feet. It takes into account human fragility and remains faithful anyway. And if it goes away, do not blame it: it must be a really unbearable house, because the Dog does not easily despair. Like her equally humanitarian friend, the Tiger, the Dog rarely takes it personally with someone.

It will mutilate you for a specific gesture or guilt without hating you completely or forever. His anger is passable. It can come suddenly and disappear with the same speed. But it will be a justifiable anger … without malice, without rancor and no jealousy. Eventually, after extensive repairs, the Dog is capable of burying the Ax of War. Not all dogs are looking for shouts. It would be fair to say that the dog’s native is an attentive and open observer, which aims to save social ends and defend the interests of all.

It has high principles, in the bottom is generous and charitable. Uncompromising, it imposes a great mental discipline and takes things very seriously, especially heart affairs and political interests. His loyalty is undisputable, he is very determined; It hates injustice, it is capable of resorting to extreme means of accepting its points of view.

It’s intuitive, it’s hard to let it get out of the way, If woman, it can have exceptional beauty. Water gives it a certain amount of reflection. Cool, clement with himself and with others, he often abandons himself with self-denial. A good adviser, impartial, with legislative mentality, can express himself clearly. He is skilled in approaches. He is destined to have many friends and his company is looking for.

Enchanting, full of human warmth, balanced, draws lasting ties with friends. Honest, thoughtful, benevolent, seek intellectual stimuli and work to improve. It is attracted by money and success, but it is not materialistic. It is oriented towards the neighbor and tries to please the others as much as possible. But he must learn to be more independent, at times to shake the water.

Extremely theatrical and fascinating, eye-catching and friendly personality. Very rebellious when he is forced to do something controvigious, but very popular with the exponents of the other sex. She barks with the same force she barks. Fire makes it creative and expressive. It has an exceptional power of will and a lofty nature to which others stunt to resist. The extroverted nature, coupled with faith and the ideal, helps it in ambitious businesses.

Efficient and constructive thinker moves slowly but with purposeful purpose. He is faithful to his convictions, but he bends to the will of the majority. Watchful and watchful, appreciate the right use of money and power, has a system of values ​​from which it does not differ. Quiet, kind, he can help others. He is never totally depressed by defeat, nor ever too confident in winning.

17 Apr

What precious stones bring you luck in life, according to the zodiac

Semi-precious and precious stones have their own energy that folds differently on each person, depending on the sign. Here are the stones that bring good luck to every zodiac sign!

Carnelian, a bleached stone, but in a lighter shade, brings harmony to the ram and protects against negative energies. Being a stone evolved into a healing mineral, carnage revitalizes the mind and body, giving the ram the emotional energy it needs, especially when faced with public challenges. It is a “warming” stone, being effective in the process of meditation and introspection. The healing capabilities of carneol are proven in the fight against kidney, bladder, asthma, and menstrual pain. It also facilitates the communication capabilities of the ram, which gains more confidence in its own strengths and more power of persuasion, especially if it is in front of a larger group of people to influence its actions in a certain way.

Taurus: Pink quartz
Pink quartz is the stone of pure love, being a richness of nature that promotes communication and harmony, the energy of the pink quartz being propelled when it is carried by a native of the bull zodiac. This stone helps to reduce stress and alleviate the feeling of fear. At the same time, the pink quartz helps the bull for which calming properties of temperamental outflows to which the native of this zodiac is susceptible. Pink quartz stimulates creativity and increases intellectual capacity, but also offers calmness, which is why it is only good to wear by the bull that goes through more difficult emotional periods.

Gemini: Agatha
Agate is a semiprecious stone with a role of rooting. It creates the stability of the twins and “lands” them, helping them to find their inner balance, though they are powerful duals. Agate is a stone with healing capabilities, also possessing properties to rid the negative energies for which, in their nature, the twins manage to attract them. Agath stimulates the analytical ability of the geaman and helps create a balance between his emotional, intellectual, spiritual, and physical self.

Legend has it that the idea of ​​a stone corresponding to the birthday appeared in the ancient history of the Jews at the time of the exodus. “The Exodus Vechi” is the book that explains the whole concept of the Aaron’s Breast or the High Priest’s Plateau. This was a special item for religious ceremonies and represented the 12 Israeli tribes, corresponding to the 12 zodiac signs and the 12 months of the year. These stones are also described in the Bible: (Exodus 28, 15-30)…… In it shall be a strand of stones, four rows of stones, one in the first: a Sardonix, a Topaz, and an Emerald, Second: a Rubin, a Safir, and a Diamond, thirdly: an Opal, a Agate and an Amethyst, and fourth: a Crisolite, an Onix and a Jasp … “.
Because the ancient peoples categorized the precious and semiprecious stones differently, presumably predominantly by color and physical properties, less to the type of mineral and its composition as we do today, there is some debate about which stones were mounted on this chest and why they were used. But no matter which culture has developed the various types of crystal classifications, there were undoubtedly solid arguments at the time for choosing the best birthstones by zodiac, ascendant, or birthday.
As a personal conviction, in light of the latest discoveries of quantum physics and their implications for perception of reality, I consider that any stone has its native energy that can be consciously used by the user for the purpose that he can define.
If the following classification helps reinforce your belief that one or more stones can bring you benefits on any plan, it is all the better. Remember, these are all indicative guidelines. Most of the time, it is good to listen to your instinct and choose the rock that attracts you, which calls you with the energy it transmits!

When we think to birthstones for Aries, we have to look at the main precious stones attributed to this zodiac. The jewelery of precious stones is as intriguing as it is, with an equally interesting and controversial history. The precious and semiprecious stones associated with zodiac signs also bear the names of astral gems.

Since ancient times it has been thought that some precious stones have magical powers, and ancient astrologers have not hesitated to associate these magical rocks with zodiac signs. The precious stones that correspond to the zodiacs have a great infleunta on those who wear them, the good condition being that the person to wear the precious stones corresponding to the zodiac sign under which they are.

04 Apr

Rune Interpretation – a quick guide

According to the Vikings, the word rune means “secret murmured”. After long centuries of forgetting, the runes finally reappear as one of the most powerful magical tools inherited from our ancestors. They are closely linked to nature and to the ancient Norse Gods who manifest their desires and symbolize the power of the wind, the sun, the ice and the rain. The Runes can be used as talismans which are still used in some parts of northern europe.

FEOH or FEHU reversed
Symbolic values: cattle, food, wealth.

In this position, this rune is not positive financially, even even on the sentimental level. A reverse of fortune is to be feared, disputes are foreseeable. Put your head in your head and keep an eye on your current projects, the time this delicate period takes.

Welcome to our Free Runes Draw
The 24 runes are sacred symbols that the Druids and Celts used for several millennia under the name of Oghams. It is said that Merlin the enchanter used it to inform King Arthur, then his twelve knights, before they set off in search of the Holy Grail.
Even today, these strange letters offered to men by God Odin remain mysterious and magical. The runes still represent yesterday, today and tomorrow, illustrate our hopes or our secret fears.
When we can read their message, the runes allow us to find our way on earth, to understand our destiny against the inexplicable forces of life and death, the eternity of light and love.

Originally the runes were engraved on stone pebbles, a rune can have several meanings it depends on its position and the direction in which it was drawn. Our rune printing system will surprise you with the accuracy of the revelations that will be made to you, the draw is free.

We recommend that you consider each consultation of the signs of Odin as a kind of prayer made inside of you. In what you will read in each of the three possible situations of drawing, you will have to understand that it is always you, either as an individual or as part of a larger whole.
So in every print, you can be both the wise man who is solicited and the fool who goes astray in the madness of the world. In fact each rune proposes the alternative of the two paths, one leading to happiness and serenity, through experience and wisdom, the other bringing only disillusions and ruins because resting only on earthly joys And temporal pleasures. In our current affairs, the drawing of the runes will always show the right way, the one that awaits us, which is ours since the beginning of the world.

Appearing at the beginning of our era, the runes were the writing of the ancient Germans before becoming that of the Scandinavians of the Viking and medieval periods. Several thousand runic inscriptions constitute testimonies of the various aspects of their civilization.

The etymology

The origin of the name “rune” remains uncertain. It is, however, generally related to names such as the gothic rūna, the old English rūn or the old Norse rún, all of which contain the idea of mystery and secrecy. However, a derivation of an Indo-European root meaning “digging”, in agreement with the fact that the runes were engraved, was also advanced.

Various texts, of different origins and dates, attribute a mythical origin to the runes, gifts of the gods. On the runic stone of Noleby (Västergötland, 6th century), the runes are called raginaku (n) do, “come from the gods”. The same formula is found on the stone of Sparlösa (Västergötland, around 800), and again in the Hávamál (str. 80), eddique poem perhaps composed in Iceland about 1200 in its present form. According to another section of the Hávamál (str 138 et seq.), The science of runes would have been acquired by Óðinn at the end of his autosacrifice on the cosmic tree Yggdrasill.

Questions about the historical origin of the runes-on what model were they invented, when, where, by whom, for what? – have undoubtedly been the most debated since the origins of the runology, without any unquestionable answers to them.

The earliest inscriptions are dated to the second half of the 2nd century (but some may be even older – the Meldorf fibula, dating from the first half of the first century, thus presents characters that could be runes). As they are encountered in a relatively large space, and show a mastery of this type of writing, it is generally accepted that the runes appeared at least a century earlier, that is to say towards the beginning of our era.

The majority of the oldest objects bearing runic inscriptions have been found in southern Scandinavia: Denmark, southern Norway, southern Sweden, which thus constitute, if not the cradle of runic script, at least the focus of Original broadcasting. But the question of the place where the runes have appeared is not separated from that of their model.

It is admitted that the runes were not created ex nihilo by the Germanic peoples. In particular, the quest for hypothetical pre-runic signs in rock engravings proved futile. On the other hand, identities of writing principles and similarities of characters between runes and various Mediterranean writing systems have led to the search for antecedents among them.

A Greek model was forbidden: the runes would then be born in the vicinity of the Black Sea, where the Goths would have come into contact with the Greek alphabet. This solution was abandoned, notably for chronological reasons, the Germans appearing only at the beginning of the third century in the region, at best at the same time as the oldest Scandinavian inscriptions. Another, more recent hypothesis sees as a model an archaic Greek alphabet several centuries before our era, but it runs up against the absence of such ancient inscriptions.

28 Feb

Virgo man compatibility with other signs

Man Woman – Woman Aries
The parts are at the opposite end of each other. But if the union is essentially work-based, then it can be very valuable.

Man Taurus – Woman Taurus
Relationship of affinities between two feminine and terrestrial signs. But the parties must constantly demonstrate mutual understanding and tolerance.

Man Virgo – Female Gemini
A rather difficult combination. But union is viable if it is based more on cerebrality than on sentimentality and sensuality.

Male Virgo – Female Cancer
The couple’s understanding is easy to achieve, although it is rarely perfect. A note of fancy from time to time would prove indispensable.

Man Woman – Female Lion
This couple can last forever if the woman submits to the man, which is unlikely. In all cases, the intellectual relationship will be serene and good.

Man Virgo – Female Virgo
This combination is obviously lacking in fantasy, spontaneity and freshness. Partners will have to get out of their lives in isolation.

Male Virgo – Woman Libra
There is an exquisite complementarity at the beginning of this union. But over time, this complementarity can crumble because of mutual irritation.

Male Virgo – Female Scorpio
Complementary report of two feminine signs. They often agree to criticize others and, full of sufficiency, play to be wise and lucid.

Man Virgo – Woman Sagittarius
A half-fig-half-grape union. If dialogue is established, if tolerance is in order, problems can be solved, and success is quite possible.

Male Virgo – Female Capricorn
Undeniable affinities. But, over the years, partners may lock themselves in silence. There is a reciprocal intellectual esteem.

Man Virgo – Woman Aquarius
It’s too risky ! This man, anxious, timid, will not manage to come to terms with such a fanciful woman, independent and bohemian.

Man Virgo – Woman Pisces
At first, everything can be wonderful. But over the years, partners will become strangers to one another; Or they each have a secret life.